Dovilleka ® Organic Beauty lab

“Dovilleka” is a newly established natural cosmetics company located in Athens, which produces 100% natural ingredient cosmetics along with several other beauty products, suitable for all ages.

Our designing office has been trusted to create a new brand, along with its logo, corporate id, packaging, website, and last but not least, its very first lab/shop.

The original idea and designing strategy was to use a modern and “neat” style. The logo though comprises a traditional symbol, indicating homemade cosmetics since nowadays, a mortar with a pestle. Welcome to a whole new world filled with beauty!

The frame has been used as a graphic element on packaging and on most of the creative elements, as our aim is to make it a recognizable element of “Dovilleka” brand, so that customers/ buyers would make a direct link between the frame and the brand in the future. This element characterizes each product and clarifies the most important information found on a packaging, its unique/ very own ingredients. The project included also an e-commerce website.

  • Client: Dovilleka ® Organic Beauty lab
  • Year: 2013 since now
  • Categories: Branding, Packaging